Thursday, February 21, 2008

More house pictures

We are set to move into the house on Tuesday. We probably won't stay there for the first few days, because the carpet won't be in. This means we can't set up the kids bedrooms, playroom, or the office. Everything is looking good. Hopefully they will be able to paint the outside soon. We have been pushing them to finish the inside first, so the outside has been a little neglected. The house now has it's front steps and stone on the outside. It looks really nice. Maybe I will have even more updated pictures later.

House with stone. The stone is wet so it looks darker.Closer look at the front.
Our countertops are installed!!So are our appliances!

The hardwood is mostly done. We ran out with about 50 sq. ft. to go. UGHH!

New pictures of the kids

I have been writing so much about the house lately I thought I needed to add some pictures of the kids. Grayson is still doing well potty training. Mommy and Daddy have been a little busy lately, so we kind have been neglecting it some. Reagan is now 9 months old. She is pulling up on everything and is starting to get brave enough to cruise a little bit. She's still not crawling, but gets around good enough. If she keeps up the way she's been going she will have some strong arm muscles! It's a modified scoot. Right leg behind her, left leg in front of her and scoots with her arms.

On our way to see Diego Live

Mommy and Grayson at Diego Live

Bathing Beauty

Trouble and Double Trouble

Grayson's snowball

Another Grayson in his Undies shot. Nice dinosaur tattoo!

Look how sweet when they are when they are asleep!