Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big 4

I'm a little bit late with this post. I thought I had posted it, but I guess it I didn't. Oh well, here goes.

On Wednesday (16th) my precious little boy turned 4. I cannot believe that my first born is 4 years old. These years have been so precious and we have had so much fun. At one point in time during the pregnancy, and right after birth I was unsure if we were even going to get to have 4 years with him. I can still remember the neonatologist telling me hours after giving birth that she didn't know how long you would be in the hospital it could be months but that her goal was to make sure you lived to come home (not her exact words but close to it). I don't like to think about those moments but prayers were answered and we now have a healthy, active, caring, sweet 4 year old boy. Below you will find some pictures from the past 4 years.

Grayson you were our first child and we have loved every minute of knowing you. You bring smiles and laughter in our lives everyday. I love hearing you sing your songs and when you are helping your sister. You are full of such wonderful ideas and you care so much for others. I can't wait to see how you continue to grow and mature as you turn into a young man. I love you so much!

Here are some highlights of the first 4 years. Please ignore the dates on the pictures, especially all of the hospital pics. It was off by a day.

Mommy, Lucy, & Ginger the night before Grayson's arrival.

Moments after birth. Look at those frog legs (breech baby).

Mommy seeing Grayson for the first time.

Daddy holding Grayson for the first time.

Grayson in the NICU

Mommy's first time seeing Grayson after birth. He is one day old.
Mommy holding Grayson for the first time. He was 2 days old.

Grayson already attached to the paci. The nurse rushed us in to snap the picture before we even were scrubbed in. :-)

Grayson's first birthday.Grayson meeting his baby sister for the first time.

Grayson and baby Regan watching TV.
Grayson's 2nd birthday. Still recovering from surgery to have tubes put in.

Grayson's 3rd birthday celebrated in Disney World!Grayson with Mickey for his 3rd b-day.
Enjoying the beachProud to be an American
Handsome Young Man!