Friday, April 24, 2009

TV Stars

Check out Grayson's t-ball team on Dave's Diamond Darlings. It's a cute clip. You really don't see Grayson but you will see me in the dugout! Ughh!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

We have had a busy weekend which started before the weekend. Hmm. Thursday night Grayson's t-ball team had team pictures and practice. We ended up not having practice because it took so long for pictures. Instead we had practice Friday night. Yuck. Saturday was opening ceremonies and our first game. I have some pics I will post later but not a lot. I ended up being dug out mom so I was a little busy. At Grayson's first bat he hit the ball and ran straight to the pitcher's mound. It was too funny! Of course "Dave's Diamond Darlings" didn't show up until after that bat. He ended up filming almost the whole game. You will have to watch for Grayson's team the Sand Gnats at 5 and 11. I think he said it would air this Friday. Grayson is on the green team, #7. After the game I had the joy of working the concession stand. Actually, it wasn't too bad. I'm just glad I got my turn over with. Now it's time to go and get Grayson out of the bed so he can get ready for speech. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introducing the newest V.S. Angel...

Ok, so it's not a Victoria's Secret Angel but she's close. Here's Reagan modeling her first nighgown. We were at WalMart...she saw it, grabbed it, and would not let all! Last night Grayson, Reagan, and I were laying in Grayson's twin bed (yes we all fit, barely) and he just kept rubbing it. I think that it reminds the kids of their blankies.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

The kids on there way to church. This was the best pic I could get. I think it's cute, but I wish Reagan was looking at the camera.

Easter Bunny

Crazy Weather

Ok, what is up with this weather. A week ago we were wearing shorts. Two days after that we had snow. Friday we had tornadoes. Last night/this morning we had wind gusts that did as much damage as a tornado. CRAZY, I'm telling ya!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The passing of a loved one...

Cecil Gilbreath, Mark's Grandfather, passed away today in his home surrounded by family and friends. The family has been expecting it for some time and hospice has been trying to prepare them also. Regardless of the "advance" warning it is still difficult to lose a loved one. It has been awhile since Cecil has been himself but we all have good memories to keep us going through the rough times. Please remember Mark's family as they bury their loved one and try to continue their lives without him.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Snow

Yes, you read the title right. This morning on April spring break... we woke up to a winter wonderland. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

our view this morning

back porch at 6:30am

Grayson was mad his lawn mower had snow on it.

Walking down the hill to find rocks for the snowman. Notice my newly planted azaleas covered in snow. Can you guess who didn't watch the weather?

The kids snowman. Acorn eyes and a stick nose.

QUACK Sunday, April 5th QUACK

Mark and I decided to spend the day outdoors since it was so pretty. The wind was a little chilly, but we were still comfortable in our shorts. Last night we went to Tyler and Allison's wedding, which was beautiful, so the kids spent the night with my mom and grandmother. We picked the kids up before lunch and started our day by eating outside at Chili's. Its always great when you can eat outside with kids. They can be a little louder, messier, and they are more distracted...especially downtown. After eating we went and rode the Chattanooga Duck. If you don't know what that is it is an authentic renovated WWII amphibious landing vehicle. Meaning it is a truck that you drive from the road into the water and then switch it over to a "boat". Quack, Quack. This was the first time any of us had been on a Duck. It was an experience...QUACK QUACK. The kids enjoyed it. Grayson more so than Reagan as it was her nap time. She really like the ride down the ramp into the water. Grayson even got to drive it a bit. Mark and I learned a lot more Chattanooga history. After we went home to take LATE naps.

Mark was off Monday. Since it was turning colder, not short weather, we went and ate at CiCi's pizza and saw a movie. This was the first time we had taken Reagan to the movie theater. She was scared at first. We were a little late so all the lights were already off. We went to the 3D version of Monsters vs. Aliens. I hadn't really wanted to see this movie, but it was the only cartoon we had not seen. It turned out to be a pretty cute movie. Who knows what we have planned for the rest of spring break.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reagan Update

We had to be at Children's hospital at 6:30am this morning for Reagan's surgery. We were out of there around 9:30am. Reagan did a GREAT job. She made liars out of Mark and I. We were both worried about how she would do, but we shouldn't had. The nurse in the recovery room even told us she was doing a great job, much better than most girls her age. The doctor did say that even though she has been on an antibiotic since last Tuesday her right ear was still infected. Her left ear had fluid on it and was becoming infected. They cleaned out the infection and gave us some ear drops to help clear out any remaining infection. It's a good thing we did this surgery.

After we left the hospital we stopped by to visit with Mark's grandfather, Cecil. Cecil is not doing so well and needs all of the prayers you can spare. As some know he was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. That along with other health issues are catching up to him. Hospice was called in last year and now they are visiting more often. Marks grandmother was happy to see us especially since Reagan crawled in her lap to cuddle and fell asleep. I think that makes all grandmothers day.

We are now home and you can't tell that Reagan had any procedure performed this morning. Mark has taken Grayson golfing. Reagan and I are just staying at home enjoying his beautiful weather. Grayson looks so old in these pics. I can't believe my baby boy is growing up on me. I had his hair cut a little shorter this time for ball and summer. I will have to get some pics of him without his hat up soon.

Take care!

Reagan wanting to blow big bubbles

Reagan mowing the grass in her pj's

Grayson getting ready to go play golf with Daddy