Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan

Ok, once again I'm late posting this but better late than never. Last week was VBS so we had a lot of sandwiches, pizza, etc. Quick foods :-(

Sunday- Chicken Pot Pie

Spaghetti, Garlic bread, salad

Tuesday- Frozen fish sticks and fries (kids choice...Mark works late)

Wednesday- Italian Pot Roast (never got to it the other week)

Thursday- Chicken Casserole, green beans

Friday- Eat out (gotta keep the kitchen clean for company tomorrow)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Cooper's 3 month pics

Lil' Man is 3 months old. Actually, he's closer to 4 months. Mommy was a little bit late with his photo session. Anyway, Brittney Gann did it again. She managed to get some great shots of my 3 hooligans. We also had family shots, but none of those were in the sneak peek.

So sit on down and take a peek of 3 members of the Stallings Clan!

Reagan and Grayson singing a song to Cooper

My smiling baby boy.

Mr. Handsome

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can you guess the title of this artwork?

I guess you could say Grayson is my budding artist.

He loves to draw.

Sometimes his sister draws with him,
although her drawings are usually on walls.

This is one of his latest creations.

You can still find it in my driveway since it hasn't rained in MONTHS!

Can you tell what it is?

How about from this angle?

No? How about a close up of it...

Figure it out yet?

Scroll down for Grayson's description or title..............

You are looking at.....
"Man standing on ladder with two bellies and boobies"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How big does a Shark grow?

Sharks grow fast.

They start out little and cute such as this one.

Then they grow

and grow some more

and hopefully one day will stop growing.

Of course with all of that growing comes bags and bags of food disappearing.

So now instead of little and cute

You end up with a large

but still cute Shark.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

So I'm an avid reader of many blogs yet have issues with keeping mine up to date. UGHH! One of the many things I love to see is everyones menu plans on Monday. So I have decided to jump on board and try to start doing this. I'm a little late posting mine, but hey at least I have posted something :-)

Monday: Grilled pork chops, oven potatoes, corn, peas

Tuesday: BBQ chicken sandwiches, chips, baked beans

Wednesday: Grilled steaks, salad, baked potatoes (maybe twice baked)

Thursday: Skillet Lasagna, Salad

Friday: Eat Out

Saturday: Mark works all day and night so maybe sandwiches??

Sunday: Italian Pot roast with carrots & potatoes, green beans, corn bread, and some sort of dessert. Maybe Death by Chocolate

I will let you know how well I stick to my menu plan :-)