Saturday, May 30, 2009

T-Ball picnic

Today I have been very lazy, well at least I should say this afternoon. Today Grayson had his t-ball picnic. We ate hotdogs and the kids received their trophy's. This was Grayson's first trophy so he was pretty excited. He did receive a medal in gymnastics this past week too. I guess I need to post those pictures also. Anyway after the picnic he and Reagan went to their Nana and Papaw's house, Mark went golfing and I went home. I have had a totally relaxing afternoon of laying out and reading books. This doesn't happen very often, or should I say almost never so I took advantage. Now I'm eating left over pizza that Grayson and I brought home from Mellow Mushroom after our "date" last night. We went with another Mommy and son and saw the movie UP (tissues are needed for the Mommies). After the movie we took the boys to play in the water at the aquarium. They had a blast! Well, I'm going to go and enjoy my last few moments of peace. Here are some pics from the picnic.

Zane and Grayson (cousins)

Easton and his trophy

Zane is very proud of his trophy!

Grayson right after receiving his.

Some proud baseball players!

Easton (Grayson's friend, my friends son), Eli (Grayson's cousin on Daddy's side), Zane (Grayson's cousin on Mommy's side), and Grayson. They are all 3 and 4 years old. It's going to be a little crazy when they all start school.

Grayson's t-ball team (or most of them)

My friend and I didn't know until after the season started that both our boys had the same number.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrating Memorial Day

Mark and I had his family over to grill out for Memorial Day. It was nice just to hang out for a while. His parents, younger brother and wife, cousin, niece, and nephew all came. We had LOTS of yummy food, including my favorite ice cream pie! Of course I probably gained 5 pounds tonight. After eating we took turns on the 4wheeler and the kids opened up one of Reagan's presents she received last week for her birthday. It was a bubble rocket which was pretty cool. The really enjoyed it. Of course we also broke out the water guns and hose for some action. Here are a few pics I took of the kids before everyone arrived and while they were still clean. If you want to see all of them go to my facebook. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Happy Memorial Day

Please don't forget to say a prayer and a thank you to those who serve our country!

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th

Two years ago I received a very special gift. My sweet precious little girl. I can not believe that it has been two years. She has been such a blessing to our lives I can not imagine life without her. Every day is a new adventure full of surprises, cuddles and arguments with this one. She looks like her daddy with blond curly hair, but she is a little bit stubborn like her Mommy. I pray that she will have a long healthy life that will treat her well, and give her much happiness.
Happy 2nd birthday Reagan!

The Big 2

Yes, Reagan is 2 today! We had her birthday party yesterday. The weather did NOT cooperate at all!! I had booked an inflatable slide but we had to cancel it because of the rain. The kids still had fun playing outside in the rain though. Here are a few pictures from the party.

The Birthday Cake
Isn't it too cute!?!

Lots of yummy food to eat
Dirt cups are um um good!

Singing Happy Birthday
Goofy Brother

Future Dr??

My new bicycle (tricycle).

Not sure about the feather boa brother gave me. I do love the pocket book though.

Crazy Uncle BJ! You're supposed to pin the tail on the donkey, not ride it!
Reagan and Jordain
My new night night dress
Grayson trying on the Dr. glasses.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Future Major Leaguer - Maybe....

Grayson played his last t-ball game today. In a way I was ready for the season to be over with, but Grayson was just now getting into it. I guess we'll just have to keep playing in the yard until next year. Here are a few pics from different games. He even got to play first base when the regular player had to go potty. In tonight's game he got to hind catch for a bit. Of course Little Miss Diva makes her appearance.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's day craft time and presents

This year I decided that the kids were old enough to participate in buying Mother's day gifts for the Grandmothers. I took them to Walmart and gave them so much money for each gift. Grayson decided that Mamaw (my mom) needed jewelry. My first thought was Oh No I don't have THAT much money, but it turned out ok. He picked out a silver and turquoise bracelet, necklace, and earrings. Reagan copied Grayson for their Nana (Mark's mom), but picked out a fuchsia and black beaded bracelet and necklace. When trying to figure out what to purchase for their Nanny (my grandmother) they decided to give her playdoh and a puzzle. They have already given Nanny her present on Wednesday, because they wanted to play with it ! :-)

We also made Mother's Day crafts for all of the Grandmothers. I have added some pics below. I think it turned out quiet nice. We made flowers out of their handprints, and fingerprints. I then painted flowerpots and dowel rods. The dowel rods became the stems for the flowers. Stick them in some flower foam, add a little moss and you have a very cute Mother's Day project. I topped it off with a poem. Of course I wrote the kids names and date on the back of the flower pot.
We also made cards. Once again we painted their fingers and made "grapes". Since neither of my kids are old enough to write I wrote Happy Mother's day on the outside and added Love you "BUNCHES" on the inside. It's a very cute card!

Mark and the kids went Mother's day shopping TWO times this week. I think it was a pretty stressful event for Mark. I can NOT stand a surprise so Mark and the kids gave me my presents on Friday. He had been VERY brave and took them to a pottery place. Each kid painted a "wiener" dog and they both made me a chip&dip/cookie plate. It is cute. They had ran out of time so we have to take it back to have them fire it. Mark said that several other objects were broken while there. Both of the dogs tails broke off, and Grayson's dog lost his head, so Mommy will be gluing them back together. Should I glue before or after they fire the pieces? Anyway, It is a very nice Mother's day present and I was surprised! I hope you all have a good Mother's Day!!


This morning the kids woke me up with a nice little box. They surprised me with a gift certificate for "Queen for a Day" spa package. This includes:
a stress-relieving body scrub accompanied by a full hour of relaxing, customized massage,
a custom facial formulated specifically for your skin type,
a quiet healthy spa lunch and
a spa manicure and pedicure that includes a rejuvenating salt scrub for the feet and aromatherapy heat wrap for your hands

I can't wait to go and redeem this!!!

Thank you Mark & kids! I LOVE IT!